Fishing Guide

Fishing is one of your source of Cola Coins, a passive one. It is recommended to make a dedicated account for Fishing since you can afk while doing it.

To start, click any Warp Crystal and choose Fishing Area:

Buy your first fishing gear from Fishing Gears NPC, your first one is free! Make sure to take good care of it, it wont be free the next time. Do take note that upgrades are lost when buying a new set!

Note: You can also upgrade your fishing gears on this NPC Note #2: You can also buy rental Fishing Accessories here to boost your fishing speed and catch rate

Fishing Tips

  • Invest in Fishing Accessories - It will be worth it since these give you bonuses that will help you fish better
    • Fisherman's Hat - This will give you 1 additional fishing exp per cast, this also reduces the fishing cast time.
    • Fisherman's Garb - Same as Fisherman's Hat but this one also adds slightly to your catch rate
    • Fisherman's Harpoon - Increases your success rate depending on your DEX
    • Fisherman's Charm - Increases your success rate depending on your LUK

Note: Remove your fisherman's harpoon and charm before doing any battle, this two accessories might prevent you from using some skills since these items uses shadow weapon and shield slot.

Fish's value depends on the size and rarity of the fish you caught.

Now you can start fishing. Goodluck!

Other NPCs to take note:

• Fish Convert NPC - trade-in the fishes you caught here for Fishing Points

• Fishing Points Shop - here you can use your Fishing Points to buy Cola Coins or some other stuff available

• Trash to Zeny NPC - while fishing, you'll also get 'trash' items. Trade those here for some Zennies!

Author: Pepsi Man

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