MVP Crest System

MVP Crest System


MVP Crest is a 'Charm-type' item that you can get by killing a specific MVP 100 times. Please do take note that these items are considered as end-game items, and it is intended to be HARD to obtain.

Kill any mvp listed and get a message about your progress for its crest.

crest progress

You can check your progress on the MVP Crest Manager NPC.


You can also sacrifice the MVP's card to add +5 to its crest progress.

card sacrifice

Once you complete a crest progress, you can claim and equip it on the same NPC.


Here are some FAQs for MVP Crests:

My MVP Crest is in my inventory, how can I equip it? - You don't, MVP Crests are 'charm-type' items, you'll get its effect while it stays in your inventory.

Can I equip more than 1 MVP Crest? - You can't. You can only equip one at a time. Manage your crests via the main NPC.

I killed (insert mvp here) on my other character, will that be counted on my progress? - If your other character is on the same account, yes it will count. MVP Crest progress are Account-Bound, you can do it on any character as long as it belongs to the same account.

Can I trade/store my MVP Crest? I want to use it on my other characters too! - You can't store/trade MVP Crests, they are Character-Bound items. Don't worry, your other characters on the same account can benefit from your crests as well, just talk to the main NPC to equip your crests on any character on the same account.

Can I stack these crests? Can I equip more than one? - You can't. You can only equip 1 crest at a time. Equipping a new one via the main NPC will automatically delete your previous crest.

Below are the list of the available MVP Crest and their respective effects:

MVP Crest List and Effect
Amon RaAdds a chance to inflict Stun, Curse, Silence, Poison, Bleeding on enemy when attacking
Assassin Cross EremesGrants user Lv10 [Cloaking]
AtroceDamage to MVPs + 100%
BascojinGrants user a chance to cast Lv5 [Oratio] when hit
BaphometAtk + 10%
BeelzebubDamage to Demi-Humans + 30%
BoitataDamage from MVPs - 50%
Dark LordShadow Element Resist + 30%
DetaleReflect Physical Damage + 50%
DoppelgangerMax HP + 10%
DraculaLife Steal 20% (normal attacks only)
DrakeDamage to Holy element monsters + 15%
EddgaFire Element Resist + 30%
Evil Snake LordGhost Element Resist + 30%
Fallen Bishop HibramMatk + 10%
GarmWater Element Resist + 30%
Gloom Under NightHoly Element Resist + 30%
Golden Thief BugAdds a chance to gain Gold when killing monsters
GopinichMdef + 30
Great Demon BaphometAtk + 20%
High Priest MagaletaGrants user Intravision
High Wizard KatrinnMatk + 20%
IfritSkill Delay - 45%
Incantation SamuraiGrants Lv5 [Enchant Blade]
Kiel D-01Skill Casting Time - 50%
Knight of WindstormGrants Lv10 [Storm Gust]
KtullanuxAdds a chance to freeze attackers when hit
Lady TaneeGrants user [Ganbantein]
Lord Knight SeyrenAtk + 30%
Lord of the DeadDamage to Holy element monsters + 25%
MayaMax SP + 10%
MistressWind Element Resist + 30%
Moonlight FlowerCritical Rate + 50%
Naght SiegerAll Element Resist except Neutral + 15%
Nidhoggr's ShadowDef - 20%
Orc HeroCritical Damage + 20%
Orc LordAtk + 5%
OsirisUndead Element Resist + 30%
PharaohMax SP + 20%
PhreeoniEarth Element Resist + 30%
RSX 0806Critical DEF + 20%
Sniper ShecilHit + 1000
Tao GunkaNullifies Gemstone Requirement
ThanatosMax HP + 60%
Turtle GeneralMax HP + 25%
Valkyrie RandgrisNeutral Element Resist + 30%
VesperMax HP + 40%
Whitesmith HarwordAdds a chance to break enemy's weapon and armor while attacking
Wounded MorrocAll Element Resist + 15%
YgnizemMax HP + 15%

Author: Pepsi Man

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