Coin Bagger Guide

Here in ColaRO we encourage you to have a separate account for fishing/mining/farming. But how will you be able to transfer Cola Coins to your main account if Cola Coin is an account-bound item? (Not anymore, Cola Coins are now tradeable. This feature is purely for storage purposes)

Put them in a Coin Bag! Coin Bags are tradeable!

A regular Coin Bag can hold 100 Cola Coins, so this is also another way to store your coins in your storage inventories.

To start, talk to Coin Bagger NPC inside the Bank.

Each Coin Bag costs the amount of coins it can hold(in this case, 100), 1,000z and a Coin Bag Count.

Coin Bag Count is the amount of coin bags the Coin Bagger NPC currently has.

This is where donating for materials comes in. You can donate various materials to the Bag Box NPC for the Coin Bagger to have more Coin Bags to use. Anybody can donate and anybody can use these coin bags.

Example: If a donates a few materials, other players can benefit from that. Basically it is a community effort.

Click Bag Box NPC to donate materials.

Below is the list of the materials and the amount of said material needed to make 1 Coin Bag:

Once you donate materials, it will instantly go to the Coin Bag Count. So don't throw away those animal skins!